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Hi there. My name is Jacqueline Balogh. I am a Certified Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists and I am Canada’s first Certified Advanced Simpson Protocol Hypnosis Practitioner. Today I want to invite you into my world and my passion for the world of Hypnosis.

We all live in the same world however, as opposed to many who live in the world of constructs and concretes, I live in a world filled with expansion and opportunity!

In the world of Hypnosis, I work with the mind, and in particular the Superconscious or highest of minds, which is the most amazing part of ourselves. I work with the blank canvas that each client brings to me and through the art of Hypnosis, we are able to create a personal masterpiece for each individual that involves releasing the negative and enhancing the positive… Basically, client-driven change!

WHAT IS HYPNOSIS… This is a very common question.

Simply and eloquently, and I quote a great friend and mentor here:

“Hypnosis is nothing but a vehicle or gateway for us to connect to the best and ultimate parts of us. It’s all still us. It’s just the best part of us. ~ Ines Simpson”

“Hypnosis IS the language of the mind!”

Hypnosis IS a choice… No one hypnotizes another person really. The individual being hypnotized chooses to allow themselves to go into hypnosis. This allows the individual complete control as they can emerge any time and at will.


~ Hypnosis is NOT sleep… It is an altered level of consciousness

~ Hypnosis is NOT forgetting… Clients hear and remember all parts of the session

~ Hypnosis is NOT loss of control… Rather is it taking full and complete control of one’s mind

~ Examples of Hypnosis at work are all around us and it is one of the essentials of our lives.

By Definition: Hypnosis occurs when there is a change of mental state and the focus of the mind becomes concentrated to the exclusion of everyday life.

Have you ever been so engrossed in an activity that you completely lost track of time? Or maybe a daydream got away on you?

For example:

  • When was the last time that you became so engrossed in a movie or book and “lost all track of time”?
  • Have you ever watched a commercial on TV and picked up the phone to order whatever product is being sold? Or maybe watched a food commercial only to find that you have a need to satisfy your own hunger?
  • Have you ever been completely transfixed on an individual because of their energy or their attitude or even simply the way they used their words?
  • Have you ever experienced a moving speech, something that just struck a chord and has stuck with you ever since?
  • Or maybe you have experienced a trauma or tragedy in your life? What stuck with you? What changed?
  • Have you ever simply gotten lost in a daydream for just a few moments in your day?

These are all examples of Hypnosis and they are all very natural and familiar.

You can choose to daydream or to become transfixed by anything and everything around you. It’s all about choice – In fact you can choose to keep your eyes open or close them at any time right?

And so, you can choose Hypnosis to change your life, your circumstances, your habits, etc for the better.

You can choose to allow that “highest mind” to guide you, support you, teach you and you can choose what you accept and what you don’t.

Basically our lives are made up by the choices we make and the more we understand about the that connection with our “highest mind”, the better choices we make… for permanent, positive change.

Hypnosis is YOU-TO-YOU therapy! And who knows YOU better than YOU?


I am your Hypnotic Tour Guide! I speak directly to your Superconscious mind and am able to guide it and assist you to release the problem(s) and attached issues that you have chosen to work on in such a way as to be in your best interest.

Using Simpson Protocol (Deep Holistic Hypnosis) I am able to give you, the client unprecedented access to the Superconscious mind in order to help with physical, emotional, mental & spiritual healing and others extras as well including soul retrieval.

Sessions with me guide you to get to the root of your issue or issues (and that can be anything & everything) and to resolve them in the most appropriate way for YOU permanently.

One comfort for my clients when working with some of these “powder keg” issues is that I never have to know what’s causing the issue or any of the details that you don’t want to talk about. Your secrets, insecurities and traumas are safe within you. You don’t have to tell me anything at all – If that is what you choose. That’s right… I don’t need to know and you don’t need to relive any of it with me.

Basically, you know, your mind knows and that is what causes the choice for change within you. Again, I am just the tour guide… It is YOU who creates the changes within yourself. It’s all about choice..

You can choose to use this type of Hypnosis for anything and everything. Some examples include support with: habits & behaviors, anxiety, depression, stress, worry and panic issues, fears & phobias, illness & pain management, relationships, self-improvement & self-love but really the sky is the limit! I work with everything and anything is possible!

I hope that this  has given you the answers that you are seeking about Hypnosis, who I am and what my role is. I am always available to answer any and all of your questions or concerns.

~ Jacquie

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